Saturday Aug 27, 2022

Ep. 25: Hawaii’s UFO/UAP Sightings

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Aloha!  Thank you for joining me on the Ghostlore of Hawaii:  Paranormal Paradise Podcast where the green bottles are always chilled, the j**nts always filled, and the host is always thrilled! (Please don't leave... I won't do that again...)  I am your host as always, Jared! 
Tonight we'll be venturing off course a bit from our normal ghost stories; but don't worry, the topic still very paranormal.  This episode covers the UFO/UAP sightings that have been witnessed in Hawaii since back in the 1970's that still continue to this day.  In 2020, several videos of unidentified objects flying over the Islands made national headlines, with more and more sightings happening every year.  I'll cover many of these popular incidents as well as a couple of firsthand experiences witnessed by people I know.  
So sit back, put on your tinfoil hats, and let's get into this.....

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*Although all information discussed in this episode was thoroghly researched and intended to be factual, I cannot guarantee it will be.  Please look into any information you find interesting on your own, just to be sure. 

Some names and locations may be altered for privacy sake.


Show notes:

Possible UFO/UAP/Mysterious Lights filmed over Kona, Hawaii on NYE 2020:

AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program)

Dan Inouye and AATIP

NY Times:  No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon's UFO Unit Will Make Some Findings Public
Hawaii News Now article:  'FAA notified after large blue UFO seen above Oahu appeared to drop into ocean'
UFO sightings on Kaua'i
The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1853 - Jeremy Corbell (Story starts at around 1:26:26 into the episode)
Maui UFO Report:  Lahaina Yacht Harbor UFO by Steve Omar
Remembering Rainbow Bridge (Jimi Hendrix days on Maui)

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